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31/07/2016 by Booking apartments Mljet

Mljet has long been known for its superb cuisine, which brought with them the Romans, after they had been nurtured abbots on the Island of St. Mary and today the guests present island restaurants, inns and taverns. Težački menu was also delicious, primarily because of the abundance of high quality fish, shellfish and other seafood.

As the fish was always in abundance, have developed various ways of conservation. Thus, in addition to fresh fish stored in the traditional ways can taste and specjalitete based on the salted, smoked or canned fish in Galatina or olive oil.

A special place in mljetskoj gastronomy occupy eels caught in the mud-lakes. Blatine are natural brackish lakes located at Blato, Sobre and Prozura. There are eel traditionally prepared baking on the grill, cooking the fish stew in other ways.

We should not forget the meat. Bucks adults on the coast feeding on medicinal herbs along the steep cliffs are a special dinner. For the same reason there is a special quality and Mljet goat cheese that is produced in the traditional way and kept in olive oil in stone jars called oysters.

Mljet forests are rich in wildlife and of which the largest wild boars, deer, mouflon and wild rabbits, and their meat is stored in a variety of delicious ways.

Vegetables that grow in sunlit valleys near the sea are an essential part of Mljet table and are important ingredients of many dishes. Among the better known are legumes beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils, or specialty you are and dishes Kale, contributions from soured the motor and the down payment as well as many others.