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31/07/2016 by Booking apartments Mljet


Like real Mediterraneans we would advise you to take this opportunity and really relax. We would like for you to fulfill all your dreams and wishes, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t forget of the beautiful beaches and swimming!
Places for swimming: Near us, you have a lot of choices. Closest beach is placed 30 meters away from the apartment, in Soline.
The open sea area with clear beaches for sun tanning is just 400 meters away.
Those of you who don’t wish to swim in the open sea can visit a number of different small and beautiful beaches at the Big Lake, 300 meters away. In the lake is sea water, because it is connected to the sea through the Soline Channel.
Those who are on the cold side can go bike ridding to the Small Lake. The water here is 5 °C higher than the sea.
On Mljet you can swim in 3 seasons of the year: because it lies far down south, the sea heats up the fastest and gets cooler later than up north.
This goes mostly for the Small Lake, where you can swim from the beginning of April to the end of October..


You will be amazed with the exquisiteness of the sea and its fishes, and the beauty of sea bottom. You will first learn what to do and what to look for by professional divers, who will then escort you to the sea bottom where you will be able to experience a number of things.
Here you can see fish, coral reef, algae, and sea rocks that we all enjoy in photographs and films. You will have the opportunity to go scuba diving in a number of famous locations where the fish are the rarest in the whole Mediterranean Sea and in the world.



Riding a kayak or a canoe is one of the best ways to discover many hidden places which are appropriate for swimming and maximum relaxation. This is the island which you will definitely want to visit again in order to do and see things you haven’t the first time you were visiting.


On the island you can enjoy the beauty and fun of sailing. With your friends and family, you can rent a sailboat and see the gorgeous view of the Adriatic Sea.
With the sailboat you can also request a skipper, who will help out with sailing and fun activities that are available aboard this great boat. There are also one-day sailing trips organized to Vis, Korcula, Lastovo, and even around Mljet.



Our seaside is the ideal place for this sport because we have a clear blue sea with lots of wind, and of course the shining sun. You are also able to go from the Big Lake through the channel to the open sea where you can experience the thrill of bigger and greater waves.



All the same you can go fishing on your own, or you can catch fresh high quality fish daily with an escort of local fishermen. You will learn the history and tactics of fishing with nets, or by a fishing poll. You will see the best spots for fishing in this area.
By participating in this you will help the fishermen and enrich your own historical and cultural knowledge about this island and the region of Croatia. While on these fishing boats you will sometimes have the opportunity to see the dolphins and other sea animals, such as seagulls and other sea birds.



Biking is the best, safest, healthiest and environment friendly way of transportation around our island where you can see and experience the true meaning of nature surroundings. By bike you can drive around the lake and enjoy the view. The road around the lake is 12 kilometers long.

The mountain bikes ridding can be done all around the National Park. This way, those of you who are interested can have fun, excitement, and a number of different scale workouts.


This sport will test your courage. From free climbing you can experience the view of the whole island and it’s magnificence.


Mljet is an island that is full of caves and ground erosions from its location on the Mediterranean Sea. The most famous is the Ulysses’ Cave (Odyssey’s Cave), to which you can enter from the sea by a small boat.
There are also other attractive and lovely caves such as Ostasevica and Morvica which are parts of the mountain in the center of the island.